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Digital Signage Touch Kiosk System LG 43‘‘

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LG Digital Signage Display

By providing components such as the touchscreen, display and webOS, users can customize the design to suit their own needs.
LG's IPS display technology results in improved control of the liquid crystals, making the display visible from almost any angle. To enable comfortable viewing, a display that is installed at a low height is usually mounted at an angle. For this reason, mounting with a maximum inclination of 45 degrees is permitted.

With its sleek and timeless design, LG's digital signage series attracts the attention of customers. The integrated content management system enables content to be played, edited and programmed without a separate PC.

Various types of IP video streaming protocols such as RTSP/RTP/HLS and UDP multicast are supported for streaming content in real time. Since there are no capacity limitations for content playback and live broadcasts are possible, content management is very easy.

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