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JCN - Joined Communication Network

The JCN as a communication stele is available in 2 forms: In portrait and landscape format.
The conference and presentation pedestal combines a variety of communication networks in one solution with a modern, high-gloss design.

The stele is an all-in-one conference system for all common tools and is customised before delivery.
Microphones, loudspeakers and a high-resolution camera are integrated. The 55'' touch display is operated by a configurable Windows system.

The steles are designed for fixed installation as well as for mobile and flexible use and can therefore be used alternately for several smaller conference rooms.

USB and HDMI inputs are located at the front, as well as an XLR connection for expanding the system with a delay table microphone for very large conference tables. more



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JCN - Communication steles in portrait and landscape format. In-house production by Puzzlepie.
JCN - Communication steles in portrait and landscape format.

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