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L'Acoustics SB15M Subwoofer is the most recommended subwoofer for the ▸KIVA-System. It improves the frequency response up to 40 Hz. The SB15m is designed with a direct-acting 15" driver in a bass-reflex enclosure and impresses with its powerful performance, high sensitivity, low temperature-related power compression and low distortion. The SB15m can be stacked or flown individually or in conjunction with a KIVA array. A tripod mount included in the enclosure allows mounting of one X or two KIVA loudspeakers.

Key features:

  • High power subwoofer to match all L'Acoustics point source speakers.
  • 1 x 15 inch weatherproof.
  • 137 db @ 40-100 Hz
  • Up to 8 per ▸LA4X on 4 channels.
  • Polar pattern: standard or cardioid.
  • Weight: 36 kg / 79 lb

Dimensions: L'Acoustics SB15M SUBWOOFER.
Dimensions: L'Acoustics SB15M SUBWOOFER.

L-ACOUSTICS SB15M Subwoofer - 2 Ansichten.
L-ACOUSTICS SB15M Subwoofer - 2 Ansichten.

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