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L'Acoustics SB18 SUBWOOFER

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L'Acoustics SB18 SUBWOOFER

The L'Acoustics SB18 SUBWOOFER is the standard subwoofer of the modular WST® line sources and the coaxial X-Series. This subwoofer increases the useful frequency range of the systems up to 32 Hz. With its very compact dimensions and internal rigging, the subwoofer is ideal for use in combinations with ▸KARA.
The special 18" speaker chassis with minimal power compression and further reduced distortion delivers extraordinary "punch" and sensitivity in a dual bass reflex enclosure.

    • High performance subwoofer to match all L'Acoustics point source loudspeakers.
    • Built for the road with easy, fast, full rigging.
    • 1 x 18 inch weatherproof
    • 138 db @ 32-100 Hz
    • Up to 8 per ▸LA4X on 4 channels.

Dimensions: L'Acoustics SB18 SUBWOOFER.
Maße: L'Acoustics SB18 SUBWOOFER.

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